The Highest Form of Flattery

One of my favorite places to go after work is the Nolita House on Houston between Mulberry and Mott. Its decor is that of an old time school house and between the great comfort food and the amazing drink specials (tuesday nights are half priced bottles of wine) I find myself coming back fairly often. Every time I make it back I promise myself I am going to order something different but almost every time I find myself diving into the large plate of the lobster and truffle mac and cheese. I’m not even that big of a mac and cheese guy, but there is something about the delicate balance of flavor and texture that simply makes it the best I have ever had. And at the reasonable price it is offered at, it is a must try. So the other night I was resigned to make it myself. I wanted to see how well I could replicate the dish without knowing the types of cheeses or the process that makes their dish so amazing. I made some additions of my own and it turned out great…

Rock Shrimp and Truffle Mac and Cheese

Rock Shrimp and Truffle Mac and Cheese


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