One of the best purchases I have ever made is the Wok I bought a few years ago. I thought about writing a post and rating different brands and styles but then I realized that I’ve only ever had one and who wants to listen to me discuss things they can find on amazon.com. So instead I decided to talk about why I love my Wok….

Beef and Ginger Stir Fry w/ Brown Rice

I love all varieties of food and love to try and replicate some of the amazing flavor profiles so mysteriously done in ethnic restaurants. How many times have you tried to make fried rice, or that thai flavored stir fry and have it fall short of your expectation. I’ll be honest, I haven’t come close to mastering some of the more well known ethnic dishes but I will say that I’m getting closer. And the use of my Wok has made a world of difference for one of the many styles of ethnic cooking. One of the most underrated components of a lot of the food we love (the fried rice and the stir frys), is the way the vegetables and the meat are cooked. The use of high heat and a large surface area to quick cook give way to amazing texture/flavor combinations. The quick caramelization produces unbelievable flavor. My wok wasn’t very expensive at all and as long as you maintain them (be careful of rusting), the longer you use them, the more seasoned it becomes and the better food it produces. Point being, if you are just getting started or have been cooking for a while but still only eat your favorite ethnic food when its ordered out, pick up a Wok and give it a shot. You may very well surprise yourself.


One Response to Wok!

  1. smg says:

    i often tell you “no stir fry!”, but i see that i have been wrong all this time. i would eat 2 of whatever is in that picture and also stick my hands in it while you were cooking it. good post, barely anything to make fun of.

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