Turkey, Potatoes, and Pies….Oh My

Its now only a few days from Thanksgiving and I have mixed emotions. I’ve previously mentioned my disdain for the boring old Thanksgiving Dinner but I’ve put a lot of thought into it (my attempt to explain why I haven’t blogged in a while). Sure, I still think there is a ton of room for improvement when it comes to menu creation for Thanksgiving Dinners and sure I think that there are many ways to increase the flavor and severely decrease that food coma that takes place immediately after but who am I to say thats the most important part of this holiday. I think back to when I was a kid when I spent the majority of my Thanksgivings at my Bubba’s house. Now my Bubba Fay was the greatest possible grandmother in the world. She spent the majority of her time treating my brothers and I like we were Kings. Unfortunately for the rest of the family, she spent so much time making us happy throughout the year, she had to make Thanksgiving Dinner months in advance and freeze it. Okay, so this last part isn’t completely accurate but it certainly has become the joke around this time of the year. I could explain in detail why our Thanksgiving Feast tasted more like a Top Chef canned good challenge gone terribly wrong, but its not important. What is important is that every Thanksgiving we spent our afternoons laughing and telling stories and taking a break from the grind (not that there is much of a grind when your 8 years old). The point of this post is that as seriously that I take food and the preparation of meals, ultimately the greatest parts of eating are the moments we share with others. At this time of the year, for those of us who are lucky enough to live to eat as opposed to eat to live, lets enjoy our Holiday regardless of the food we eat. I know I’ll be thinking of my Bubba when I bite into that turkey, regardless of how dry it is…


3 Responses to Turkey, Potatoes, and Pies….Oh My

  1. Teve says:

    WOW!I’m glad you can’t wait to have Thanksgiving and are excited about all of our sides and dry turkey!

  2. Emily says:

    youre just upset that i (pop pop) wont be there to make thanksgiving the best

  3. nlag says:

    I can’t wait to see you, and I am really looking forward to eating your yummy side dishes. Your beets are the best (hint, hint … but no pressure)! See you soon!

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